Full Day Tour Cinque Terre

10:00 am

700 Euro

Departure at 10.00 am from Passeggiata Morin, 50 meters from the cruise Terminal, cross the gulf of La Spezia, to reach the enchanting Portovenere, along the canal next to the island Palmaria, you turn behind the beautiful church of San Pietro to the discovery of the Byron cave. Continue along the coast of Tramonti up to the Red rocks, here the first bath stop, for the more ‘adventurers’ ride inside the yellow caves to swim. From here continue to Cannetto, another swim stop under the small waterfall with the railway bridge over it. Small snack with focaccia and drink and start again for exploration and relaxation in the Protected Marine Area of the Cinque Terre Park. View of the five villages from the sea, from Riomaggiore, under the path of love to Monterosso, to discover the caves and stop for a swim in places accessible only by sea. Emotions and places that you will remember for a long time.
Duration: about 7 hours
Price: Euro 700 euro (max 8 people)

If you prefer, we can also end the Full Day Tour Cinque Terre in Manarola without coming back to the La Spezia harbor. The itinerary still remains the same, the only change is the arrival harbor.
Choosing this option of the tour, the estimated arrival time in Manarola is at 17:00 and the prize is Euro 600.



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